What Decorations in My Building Need to Be Flameproofed?

If you are considering having your place of business flameproofed as required by the FDNY, you may have some questions. You may be wondering exactly which items in your building need to be treated with fire retardants? While the idea of 'decorations' that need to be treated can seem a little fuzzy, we are here to clarify exactly what you need to have treated. If you have a business where the public gathers, you would fall into the category of needing to have decorations in your location properly flameproofed.

There are items used for decorations that need to be either inherently non-combustible, or they need to be flameproofed according to FDNY requirements. Items such as drapes, area rugs, and decorative greens in hallway corridors would fall into this category. Fabric partitions that come down from the ceiling but aren't supported by the floor must be treated. Artificial greens, including Christmas trees, also need to receive flameproofing treatments. However, there are some exceptions to some of these rule. Included in the exception would be works of art in a museum, decorations displayed in order to be sold, and decorations in private offices in commercial buildings, among others. There are different sets of guidelines as well as possible exemptions depending on the function of the building. Different rules may apply to buildings that serve different purposes. Museums, houses of worship, schools, apartment buildings, offices, shelters, etc, all have different functions and serve the public differently. We can help you sort out which type of regulations apply specifically to your place of business.

It can feel overwhelming when you start to think about the items that might need to be treated at your place of business, but we are here to help. Having 50 years of experience n the Metro NY area, we are very familiar with FDNY regulations, and we can help you make sure that you are in compliance with all applicable laws. We would love to offer our expertise to you in helping keep your business as safe as possible from the threat of fire. Please call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate: 1-800-268-7993