The Flameproofing Process Explained

A common question we get here at Manhattan Flameproofing is "So, what's involved in the flameproofing process?" A lot of times, business owners already have in their heads that fireproofing a building is a long and complicated process. They often wonder about the steps involved in applying flame repellent spray; additionally, they also have questions about how long it takes and if they need to shut down their business during the process. We can put your minds at ease: treating an establishment with a fire retardant is a fairly easy procedure that can usually be accomplished in just one day.

Flameproofing a business establishment doesn't involve treating the building itself; instead, the fire repellent spray is applied to the actual items that are inside the building. Should there be a fire in building, the application of flame repellent spray to these items helps to slow down and prevent the spread of a fire.  Manhattan Flameproofing treats wood and fabric items with a spray that is water-based and FDNY-approved. We apply the fire retardant treatment with either a hand-pump or electric sprayer.  Our treatment will not interfere with your business, as typically, we perform the flame repellent spray when your facility is closed and customers are not present. 

The set-up to perform the treatment is fairly simple as well.  We prepare your business property by moving items away from our treatment area and by placing disposable plastic on the walls, the floors, and on any other area that needs to be covered.  As per our usual procedures, wood typically needs more fire repellent spray than fabric does.  The sprays that we use meets all requirements for both fabric and wood, and items needing treatment can be sprayed both before or after they are installed. However, if you want both sides of wood to be treated, the treatment need to occur before it is installed.

While treating your facility with a flame repellent spray is fairly fast and simple, it is of vital importance that your property receives this treatment.  These safety measures are absolutely necessary in protecting lives and property the event of a fire. We guarantee that all items treated with fire retardants are effective for the slowing and prevention of a fire, and we go to great lengths to protect all items that are not receiving flame repellent spray. A simple process like fireproofing can have far-reaching, life-saving results.

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