What It Means to be a Certified Flameproofing Company

The task of having your business establishment flameproofed according to the law and FDNY standards is an important one. So important, in fact, that lives literally depend up on it. Having your property fireproofed is not a job that you want to hand over to just any company. You want to make sure you are hiring a flameproofing outfit that has met the high standards put out by the FDNY. A legitimate flameproofing business will have a Certificate of Fitness issued to them from the FDNY, allowing them to treat materials with flame repellent spray as well as distribute fire retardant certificates to business owners. In order to have this good standing with the FDNY and have a valid Certificate of Fitness, we at Manhattan Flameproofing must adhere to stringent standards.

There are several requirements that we as a fireproofing company must meet in order to obtain our certified status with the FDNY. First, we are required to either apply or personally supervise the application of flame repellent treatments. This is a task that must be performed by Manhattan Flameproofing itself, not an outsourced company.

In addition, we are also required to test the materials that have been treated with fire repellents to ensure that they are indeed flameproofed.  Again, this is not something we outsource but are required to either do ourselves or personally supervise.

If any materials that had been treated failed to pass the flame retardant test, we would treat it again until it passed. We would not issue a flameproof affidavit until we were certain that every required item in a business establishment was successfully fireproofed. Doing so would not only compromise our certification status but also jeopardize your clients' and your safety. As a company that is proud of our good name, we take our responsibility to you and your customers very seriously and guarantee that everything we flameproof meets the rigorous FDNY standards before we issue fireproof certificates.

Not only that, we only use fire repellent sprays that are FDNY certified and approved. Adhering to all of these standards allows us to maintain a current Certificate of Fitness from the FDNY and continue to perform flameproofing treatments.

We are happy to serve the greater NYC area with our flameproofing expertise. As a company in good standing with the FDNY, it is our pleasure to help businesses provide safe spaces for all of NYC residents and visitors. If you have flameproofing needs, please call us at 800-268-7993 a free, no-obligation estimate.