What's The Big Deal About Flameproofing?

When someone decides to begin a business, there are so many things he or she must consider. The to-do list to get a business off the ground is enormous, and it is easy for important things to get overlooked. While safety is something that is at the top of that list for every business owner, flameproofing - a component of fire safety - is something that could inadvertently fall below the radar. However, fireproofing an establishment is such a huge preventative measure that its importance absolutely cannot be overstated. What's the big deal about flameproofing, you might ask? Let's talk about a few reasons why fireproofing an establishment is so vital.

Flameproofing is important because it is one of the top ways to prevent a fire from spreading out of control. Even though most people think, "A fire would never happen to me," if an unfortunate fire should break out, the outcomes could potentially be catastrophic for all involved.  Fireproofing goes a long way is not just preventing fires but keeping one at bay should it occur.  Keeping a fire under control is an enormous help for firefighters as well an incredible lifesaving measure.

Another reason flameproofing your business property is so important is that you would actually be breaking the law if you didn't. In order to have a valid Certificate of Occupancy for your business, many agencies need to sign off that it is up to code for fire safety, which includes flameproofing: the FDNY, the Building Department, and the Health Department. Your insurance carriers also need you to be in compliance with this law as well. Dismissing the legal requirement for fireproofing will only cost you more money and time in the end, and in a worst case scenario, it could also cost you in loss of property and life.

A third reason that flameproofing is so important is that it provides that extra layer of protection for anyone who is on the grounds of your business establishment. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep safe everyone who comes on to your property.  Included in this is having materials inside your business treated with fire repellent.  Accidents happen, even under the watch of the most cautious individuals. Should an unfortunate fire ever occur, it is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure he has provided for every aspect of safety, including fire prevention.

The final reason flameproofing is such a critical measure is that it will provide you with peace of mind.  How good will it feel to know that you haven't missed any angle in providing safety in your establishment? There will be no nagging doubts as to whether more could or should have been done in regard to the protection of lives and property.  And, should there ever be a fire, the weight of negligence is taken off your shoulders, and you will not have to live with the regret that you could have prevented so great a loss if the proper fireproofing measures had been taken.

It can be overwhelming to think of all the things that need to be taken care of when owning a business.  Fireproofing a building is not the first nor the most obvious concern to jump to someone's mind, but without a doubt, failing to implement a flameproofing strategy could be catastrophic for you, your business, and others. We would be happy to help you put fire safety and flame proofing at the top of your safety list.  It is not an overstatement to say that lives depend on it.  We at Manhattan Flameproofing are eager to answer any questions and help you with all of your fireproofing needs.