The Devastation of Secondary Losses from Fires

Anyone who has lived through a fire knows that it is one of the most frightening tragedies a human can experience. Our first concern, as it should be, is the safety and survival of those involved. However, after the loss of human life, there is another devastation to consider: the secondary loss of property and assets. While not as tragic as the loss of life, secondary losses have long-lasting effects, especially to business owners. Fireproofing a business establishment can prevent these awful and costly outcomes from occurring.

When a fire occurs at a place of business, it can be overwhelming to discover the extent of damage and the loss of property.  The first thing that comes to mind is replacing and rebuilding structures and equipment. But in addition to this, other valuable assets might be lost also, such as licenses, certificates and permits.  Many of these items can be replaced, but it is often a long, complicated process. 

And then, there is the paperwork that can't be replaced to consider: records, files, and receipts.  The fall-out from the loss of these items can be far-reaching, including very costly and legal consequences.  While many of these items might be saved on a computer, the computer itself might be damaged in the fire.  It can take much time to replace these items, and money and precious time is wasted in the process.

These devastating results affect not only the business owner but also those who work there. If a business is shut down for a period of time, the employees experience loss as well. A domino effect of negative consequences results, even when there have been no human casualties. Flameproofing treatments can dramatically lower the loss of life and assets should a tragedy such as a fire occur.

Even though saving lives is the highest priority, secondary losses resulting from a fire should also be considered. Applying fire retardants to your place of business is a critical aspect in ensuring the safety of your property and assets. Flameproofed materials in your establishment play a significant role in protecting lives and valuable resources. Manhattan Flameproofing is happy to serve you in seeing that your business is protected to the highest degree from fires. Should an unfortunate fire occur, our flameproofing treatment is effective in aiding to preserve all of your most important and valued items. The preservation of these assets will assist in saving energy, time, and resources.