How Safe are the Materials Used for Flameproofing?

Thanks to science and technology these days, we are so much more informed as to what is healthy and safe for our bodies and the environment. We take great care to know what is in the foods we eat, the cleaners we use, and the materials that come in contact with our skin and body. As a result, many business owners have concerns as to the substances used in fire retardant spray. They wonder if the fireproofing materials are harmful to the air that they, their customers, and their employees breathe. They have concerns regarding whether or not the flame resistant spray is hazardous to the body, should a customer come in contact with a fire retardant fabric or material. Manhattan Flameproofing is here to assure you of the safety of the products we use to apply flame retardants.

As a business owner, you should know that the flame resistant spray we use is non-toxic. Additionally, it is water-based and friendly to the environment as well. To achieve our FDNY Certificate of Fitness, we are only able to use flame retardant sprays that are approved by the FDNY.  It is crucial for us to have this Certificate of Fitness to perform our job; otherwise, we would not be able to issue a valid fire retardant certificate to a business establishment that has received a flameproofing treatment. Therefore, all of our fire resistant products have the stamp of approval from the FDNY.  We are also able to provide to our customers material safety data sheets and product data sheets on all of the fire repellent sprays used.

If the safety of the chemicals for fabric is a concern for you, be assured that there are no harmful side effects from having a fire retardant applied to your materials.  It only serves to expand the safety and security of your customers, clients, and employees. We use the best materials in the business, FDNY-approved, and we are experts at application.  We at Manhattan Flameproofing would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss your fireproofing needs.