Legal Issues Related to Fireproofing

When you decided to start a business, chances are that it came out of a love and passion for something in particular: food, acting, music, science, marketing, etc. Sometimes, the legal aspects of running a business can dampen your enthusiasm and feel like it is taking you away from what you love to do. However, ensuring that you are compliance with the law is a necessary aspect of running a business. Having your establishment receive a flame resistant treatment would fall under this category. While flameproofing is primarily a safety issue, there are many legal aspects involved as well.

Maybe you have had issues for failure to be in compliance with some fire safety laws, or maybe you currently are in violation. Inviting in a fireproofing company such as Manhattan Flameproofing can help with many of those legal issues.

First of all, if you are currently in violation of any flameproofing codes, we can help you clear that up. Once we service your establishment with fire retardant products, your violation can be addressed and dealt with in as little as 24 hours. We all know that time is money in the world of business, so we prioritize having your establishment flameproofed as quickly as possible. Second, once we have fireproofed your building, we will issue you a fire retardant certificate stating that your building has been properly flameproofed according to all laws and guidelines. This affidavit is good for one year. Finally, your fire retardant treatment will meet the scrutiny of the fire inspector assigned to check your establishment. While the fire inspector looks at the building and structure for fire safety, he will also be checking to make sure drape, décor and other items are in compliance, having been treated by a fireproofing spray. By having your establishment treated for flame retardancy, you will be covering yourself on all sides of the law.

Looking at the legal aspects of safety and fireproofing certification can feel less than glamorous, as if it’s just a distraction from what you truly love about being in business.  However, having a fire that destroys all of your hard work and possibly results in the loss of life would be a much worse outcome. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the legal side of flameproofing, making sure your building is in compliance, and resolving your legal issues as soon as possible will save you time, money, and energy in the long run – and possibly even save lives.